Jamie Oliver At Home Direct Selling Business Launches In US


“Better Food for a Better Life” mission to enable health and financial well-being.

Pawtucket, RI, September 4, 2013 – British chef, TV personality, author and restaurateur Jamie Oliver announced today that his direct selling business has been established in the United States. This new venture builds on the success of his UK-based business, “Jamie at Home”, which launched in 2009 to offer independent business owners the opportunity to sell his lifestyle brand, called the “Jme Collection”. These artisan-crafted kitchen and serving products, from antipasti platters to terracotta cookware to six-sided graters, can now be purchased in the US through home parties and through the personal websites of Jamie Oliver At Home business owners.

At the helm of Jamie Oliver At Home is direct selling industry veteran, Timothy Brown. A former executive at Princess House and Swarovski, Brown is passionate about the company mission of “Better Food for a Better Life”, meaning health and financial well-being for all. “We’ve partnered with Jamie to bring this message to the United States via the direct sales channel. Jamie Oliver At Home is a mission-driven business that gives people the opportunity to earn income, gain financial independence and make a difference.”

“We are so excited to be able to share the products, the recipes and the community that we bring together around beautiful food,” says Oliver, whose passion for cooking and fresh food resonated with the American public during his Emmy-award winning Food Revolution television series on ABC in 2010. Subsequently, he founded the California-based non-profit Jamie Oliver Food Foundation, which brings food education to schools and youth groups, businesses and communities.

Brown shares that the entire US team will extend the “Better Food for a Better Life” conversation into American homes in everything they do, and especially during the home parties. “Not only will we be spreading the message every day at parties, inspiring people to get back into the kitchen and enjoy healthy meals with family and friends, we will also be fundraising for the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation with our Round Up program. Our parties are all about learning to enjoy better food with basic cooking skills that Jamie personally demonstrates by video, using the Jme products.”


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Jamie Oliver At Home is a direct sales business – based in Rhode Island, and currently operating in 19 states – offering independent business owners the chance to work in partnership with Jamie, spreading the word about “Better Food for a Better Life” and selling the gorgeous Jme Collection product range. We give anyone the opportunity to share Jamie’s passion for bringing people together and getting them into the kitchen to have some fun, earn some extra cash, and meet new people. The business is based on “Jamie at Home” in the United Kingdom, currently with 2,500 independent business owners. We launched in the USA on May 15, 2013, giving people the chance to get involved, impact their health and financial well-being, and spread Jamie’s love of beautiful products and good food. We are proud to be a pending member of the Direct Selling Association.


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